Meet my friends

Making fantasies a reality is absolutely one of my favorite things to arrange. Making everlasting memories together is something I feel honored to to be a part of. I go above and beyond to find the right person/people for the special occasion. The right personalities, chemistry, connections and of course being physically attracted all come into play for the ultimate experience. 

Plz email me to inquire about donations and questions that has to do with my friends involvement.

I pride myself on being a good and honest person. With that being said I am extremely cautious with whom I choose to work with (Not saying others are not equally as wonderful, I just don't know them).  My friends I work with have amazing personalities, wonderful hearts, we have a great emotional and physical chemistry together.  Let me introduce you to some...I will add more as I have more time.

         ***AMAZING PPL I WORK WITH***

              ***For donations, just ask***

*Avia Marie - AZ (i so miss her and hope she comes back 🙁)

*Jemma Jade - Ohio and if in the same city while touring.

*Tori and Nick - AZ

*Sophia West - when touring the same cities.

* Lana - when she tours AZ and when we tour together.

* Jordan Kay - AZ

* Victoria Sloan - MN

* I do have some male friends who can join as well...just ask